ART. 1

The Desert Running Camp, hereinafter abbreviated to DRC, is organized by ASD W.W.P. Organization in collaboration with Il Podio Travel of Cuneo which exclusively takes care of the travel package. Participation is reserved for members of the A.S.D. W.W.P. Organization based in Cuneo in via M. D’Azeglio 14.

It is an internship of training of Running and Nordic Walking in the desert in one of the most fascinating places in Morocco: the Erg el Chebby in Merzouga.

Learn tricks, methods and techniques to deal with running in the desert in the best possible way with the advice and teachings of one of the greatest representatives of the specialty: Michele Graglia, winner of international competitions in the deserts of four continents, or the technique and benefits of Nordic Walking with instructors from the Italian Outdoor School.

Internships for everyone, from the beginners who want to start, to expert athletes who want to deepen their practice, to champions who intend to perfect and finalize their training.

Six mornings of running or Nordic walking sessions with distances based on your level of preparation. Athletes will be divided into groups based on their level of training.

On the last day the DRC participants will be able to participate in a race (between the DRC members), which will partly cross the majestic sand dunes of Erg El Chebby.

Two distances can be run: 20 km or 10 km, chosen on the basis of one’s will or degree of preparation, 10 km for Nordic Walking practitioners. Some local athletes may also be invited to the race.

And every evening at sunset, at the foot of the magnificent dunes in front of the structure that hosts us: YOGA and SOUND HEALING with Zelmare Viljoen, a high level international instructor, aimed at meditation and psycho-physical relaxation.

An expert orienteer will give practical/theoretical lessons on desert navigation.

There will also be a full immersion desert experience based in a real Berber tented camp located directly between the fantastic and majestic red dunes of the Moroccan desert, far from everything, to rediscover silence and oneself.

ART. 2

The internship is open to anyone over the age of 18 on the start date of the internship, it is also aimed at athletes without great experience, the routes are in absolute safety, expert personnel with adequate means will constantly follow the running group. In any case, a minimum adequate preparation is required and prudence is recommended in tackling the routes, strictly following the indications of the organizing committee.


ART. 3

Participants must be in possession of a valid medical certificate of competitive fitness, issued by a doctor of the sports medicine federation.

ART. 4

Il Podio Travel has signed a civil liability policy that will cover the participants, however it is MANDATORY for each competitor to sign their own individual travel and medical insurance policy.

ART. 5

The routes covered in training and in the race must always be carried out in semi-self-sufficiency. Each competitor must be in possession at each stage of:

– Water bottles or similar with a minimum of 1.0 l of water

– Windproof jacket

–  Hat.

– Reserve food at your discretion.

– Survival sheet.

– Whistle.

– The use of mountain trail shoes or closed running shoes with anti-sand gaiters is mandatory.

– The equipment will be checked at the start of each day.

Marching sticks are optional.

It is the responsibility of the competitors:

– own food reserve endowment for each single stage. (It is recommended to source from your country.) Only water supplies are provided during the individual days.

ART. 6

There are also checkpoints and passage points, even unannounced during the race, where the competitors must obligatorily have their bib stamped and/or sign the transit sheet.

ART. 7

The organizing committee reserves the right at any time to modify the internship routes, the program, the chronological order of the stages and the departure times.

ART. 8

Competitors participating in the competition authorize the press and the organizing committee to use and publish the images and photos taken during the race.

ART. 9

The delivery of the race packs will be made on the day of arrival at the DRC headquarters, which will be followed by the general briefing.

The daily briefings will be held half an hour before the departure of the single stage.

ART 10

The race route will be signposted. Competitors are not allowed to leave the marked route. The reports, where present, will be flags. There may also be places for balloons to reach.

Some sections of the routes must be covered with the use of a compass following specific CAPs.

ART. 11

Competitors will participate in the stage and in the competition in full knowledge of the risks involved in carrying out this training. Participants participate under their own responsibility, the organization declines all responsibility in the event of death, accident or physical failure.

ART. 12

Participants must scrupulously follow the instructions of the organizers throughout the training, they must undertake to respect programs and times, in particular they must maintain their position indicated in the group they belong to during the training days and respect the directives given by the CO.

During the day of the competition, in the competition, the participants must comply with and respect the regulation as well as the rules of the O.C. of the DRC, and may be disqualified in the case of:

– failure to punch at the start or at a passage control on the course;

– lack of one or more mandatory materials as per art. 7;

– use of a means of transport;

– unauthorized assistance;

– abandonment of waste outside the refreshment points;

– refusal to be examined by doctors arranged by the organization at any time of the test;

– positivity to anti-doping, to which any competitor may be subjected (by drawing lots) during or at the finish of each single test;

– insults or threats to members of the organization or incorrect or dangerous behavior at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

ART. 13

Upon registration, competitors will acknowledge that they have read these regulations and accept their terms. Competitors expressly waive the use of image rights, as well as renounce any claims against the organization and its official partners for the use of their image. Audiovisual professionals must obtain authorization from the organization. Any complaints must be presented within one hour of the end of one’s test accompanied by a €50.00 deposit, which will be returned only if the complaint is accepted.

The Organizing Committee is composed as follows:

Rovera Alberto, President C.O. and race director.

Michele Graglia, technical manager

Giacomo Ferri, route manager


– For all the days of the internship, the assistance cars will all be equipped with only water and can be found at different points along the routes.

– For the day of the race, only the water supply will be provided at the 10th kilometer in this case as well. Please note that at each refueling all competitors must compulsorily top up their water containers by 1.00 litres.

– It is forbidden to leave rubbish along the entire route, UNDER PAIN FOR DISQUALIFICATION (see art. 13).


– Medical assistance will be ensured at the start and finish of each stage and during the routes thanks to several off-road vehicles that will follow the entire competition.

– A massage service is provided (for a fee).

– A broom service is provided.


– The DRC organization will draw up a classification for the participants of the training and the first three of the general male and female classifications of the two distances of the last day’s races will be awarded.

For any controversy, the competent court will be that of Cuneo (Italy). A.S.D. W.W.P. ORGANIZATION.